Pipe Connection Kit

The 160mm ⌀ Pipe Connection Kit is a complimentary addition to other 160mm ⌀ products.

A purpose made kit that contains 3 lengths of pipe (2 x 1.15m long and 1 x 0.70m long), giving 3m of pipework in total, three push-fit pipe couplings, and a 90o double socket bend. Designed to save time on site and reduce costs, this product is an ideal kit that provides all the components required for connecting the 160mm ⌀ range of Permavoid inlets/outlets to a 160mm ⌀ Permavoid chamber spigot.

“The units are designed with tomorrow’s  world in mind. Made from 100% recycled  materials now, and again 100% recyclable  in  the future.”

Ron van Raam, CEO Permavoid 

Features & Applications

Key features:

  • 100% watertight with secure connections
  • easy to install, no power or heatwelding needed
  • Purpose made kit, save time on site
  • 160mm Ø
  • 3 push-fit pipe couplings
  • 3 lenghts of pipe (2 x 1.15m and 1 x 0,70 m)
  • 1 90o double socket bend
  • 1 pipe lubricant
  • HDPE

Common applications

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