PermaTex 300

A heavy duty, non-woven, needle punched, polypropylene geotextile designed for protection and separation of Permavoid modular drainage layers. Prevents soils from entering the Permavoid system, and protects waterproof membranes from unwanted perforations during construction and afterwards.

“The units are designed with tomorrow’s  world in mind. Made from 100% recycled  materials now, and again 100% recyclable  in  the future.”

Ron van Raam, CEO Permavoid 

Features & Applications

Key features:

  • Heavy duty 300 gr/m2 polypropylene geotextile
  • Also available in a lighter 200 gr/m2 version
  • Water permeable filter
  • Protects waterproofing layers on roofs and waterproof tank liners (Permalon)

Common applications

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